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Fall Recipes with Cocomels

Here at the Cocomels headquarters in sunny Colorado, we get asked for recipes all the time. While we love making our Cocomels and even make some experimental varieties from time to time, we don't get to make other yummy treats so much.

So, we have gathered some recipes from other Cocomels enthusiasts to share with you!

Pumpkin Spice Cocomel Latte Almonds  

Using our Espresso Cocomels, the team at Follow our Passion created a recipe for pumpkin spice almonds. These almonds are sticky and gooey and not hard. It’s almost like eating a caramel apple and the caramel on the almonds stays slightly soft.

Pumpkin Spice Cocomel Almonds

Cocomel Walnut Brownie

Brownies - mixed in a blender with chickpeas? How can you not check this one out? The author says these are "fudgey, rich in chocolate flavor, they have this hint of coffee in them and they are seriously interrupting my sleep."

Cocomel Brownies

Evil Queen's Poison Caramel Apple Cider with @JJsCocomels Recipe

Cocomels mixed with apple cider, bourbon and a touch of Vanilla. This recipe sounds amazing and worth a try.

Cocomel Apple Cider

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